Monthly Archives: September 2009

Huckleberry Friends

Wild Huckleberry Crisp

In Montana, the locals do not tell you where their favored huckleberry patch is. You hope that in hiking enough trails you will come upon a clearing that has not been completely picked over, or more importantly, that no grizzly bears have beat you to the spot in pursuit of their daily 20,000 calories. (Imagine […]


One Last Hurrah: Corn, Peach and Quinoa Salad

Indian Summers, Picnics

September is typically a lovely month here, and last Sunday was spent maximizing that at a park in Oakland to celebrate my friend Nicole’s birthday. This quinoa salad has been a staple all summer. Using white corn, the recipe is quite sweet. My roommate said that it almost tastes like pie – in a good […]


Harbinger of Summer’s End: Gnocchi with Lemon Cream Sauce

Gnocchi with lemon cream sauce

I’m not ready to confront things like apples; in my mind summer is not quite over. Figs, too, as much as I love them, lead a person staunchly into autumn. The same can be said for dairy-rich foods. Sometimes, though, when a friend invites you over for dinner, and the air is damp with a […]


Horchata Popsicles, Corn Fritters and Lazy Sundays

Horchata Popsicle

There is something luxuriously sedate about this Labor Day weekend. The Bay Bridge is closed, eliminating any car-bound folks from points east, and a large slice of the city’s population is away on varying weekend jaunts to warmer destinations. San Francisco is quiet right now; and it feels very much like the remote little island […]