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Salad Days: Strawberry, Asparagus and Arugula Salad

Strawberry, Asparagus, Arugula Salad

We had some glorious weather in San Francisco last week. Weather that beckoned us out of doors, encouraged the shedding of layers, inspired a whole new season of freckles, requested politely that spring gardens be planted, and didn’t really have a lot of tolerance for bad moods. It happens every March, coming in jauntily and […]


Homemade Goat Cheese, WHAT!

Homemade Goat Cheese, Crostini

It’s almost criminal how effortless it is to make goat cheese. This is a very easy way to impress people, but I must confess that I felt a little guilty taking credit for what was essentially a transformational relationship between goat milk, heat and lemon juice that I sort of facilitated. And guess what? It […]


Seared Salmon with Shallot and Green Onion Relish

Seared Salmon with Shallot + Green Onion Relish

It’s a great feeling when you’re messing around with a handful of pantry staples and happen upon an impromptu dressing that is so good you want to spoon it into your mouth, by itself, sans the salmon fillet for which it was intended. The mellow, faintly caramelized sweetness of the shallots and green onions, sauteed […]