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Campfire Cooking: Salmon Tacos

I love that Sunset magazine made the claim last year that fall is the perfect season to camp. I can’t deny the glory of camping in the summer, especially in the mountains when the nights are crisp and cool even after the hottest of days. But camping in fall is its own special thing, especially in California when campgrounds are blessedly less packed, our long Mediterranean dry season is still in effect (though I really enjoy falling asleep to the sound of rain), and the ridiculous daytime temperatures are gone.


With that, here’s my second post for Alite about campfire cooking: the glorious grilled salmon taco. I think that many of you share my enthusiasm for tacos. They are just as awesome (if not more so) eaten outdoors.

  • Kiran @ - Mmmm…. nothing beats a great taco. Well, a campfire one definitely takes the trophy :)ReplyCancel

  • Kristen - If these are the same tacos you showcased on Cup of Jo, then everyone needs to know that they are FABULOUS. I made them for my boyfriend and I and they were one of the best meals we’ve shared together.

    Thanks again for continuing to make our tummies happy. Hope all is well with your book.ReplyCancel

  • mimi - oh my. i’ve always made fish tacos, but it was only recently at a good little restaurant that i ordered tacos with salmon instead of the more typical white fish, and they were fabulous. Thanks for reminding me of this. I’m making them tomorrow!!!ReplyCancel

  • la domestique - I love autumn and cooking over a fire! Yes to these tacos.ReplyCancel

  • Hannah - Kimberley these look just wonderful. I’ve never tried grilling salmon while camping but clearly that has to change. And yes, fall camping in CA is a whole different thing … although is it just me, or is there something a bit melancholy about it? Maybe just because I associate camping so strongly with summer. Maybe that should change too :)ReplyCancel

  • erin @ yummy supper - Kimberley, I’m loving your camping series! We are finally going camping in 2 weeks and I can’t wait. We went last fall as well at it was dreamy – lovely to have a quieter campground and the weather is the best.
    I hope you are well!

  • sara - pretty! Love me a simple fish taco. I admire your camping spirit. We are heading to yosemite early october and I am going to study all your camping meals so I can fix us something! xoxo hope all is well, lovelyReplyCancel

  • erin @ yummy supper - Yes Kimberley, I finally have some breathing room too. Let’s go see beautiful photography and eat a delicious lunch!

  • Cambria - Wonderbag - My mouth is watering!ReplyCancel

  • Preeti @ Culinary Adventures in Paris - Oh these looks so delicious. I live in Paris and it’s hard to get tacos so I am always making my own. Will have to try this out!ReplyCancel

  • Kathy @ Olives & Garlic - Lovely photos. Delicious tacos. I’m hungry now. :)ReplyCancel

  • Ali - looks greatReplyCancel

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