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Hello, friends! I am so excited to officially launch Self-Care Strategies this week with a perfect practice to launch into summer: Nicole Gulotta’s Social Media Cleanse. The cleanse launches on the first day of summer, June 21st.

I often find June to be a crazy busy month. Every year, I set my sights on river days, long hikes, outdoor meals with people I love, and lots of road trips. But as I get older, I feel like I have less and less time to indulge in these activities. The reality is that I spend way more time online than I used to – don’t we all? I’m not the most disciplined person, and when I’m tired or stressed, I fall back on social media as a distraction or temporary stress easer. But it always backfires. The Social Media Cleanse feels like the perfect way to prioritize all of the leisure that I’d like to get lost in this summer, by giving myself a little more time, and being a little more thoughtful about how I engage with the internet. Thank you, Nicole!

// Tell us about the Social Media Cleanse! What inspired this?

When I sat down to set some intentions for the year, one of my hopes was to intentionally disconnect from my digital life at some point, including pausing the blog, newsletter, and social media posting. Social media is an amazing tool. At its best, it helps us connect with others, share our work, and keeps us in touch with those we care about. But it can also be a terrible distraction that, when all the minutes and swipes and scroll sessions add up, actually keeps us disconnected from the inner voice we need to access in order to do our work.

In preparing to take the month of July “off,” I’ve been thinking about this topic for the past few months and experimenting with some new habits and routines. I’m excited to share some of the insights I’ve had, and inspire others who are also interested in hitting the reset button, too.

The challenge itself will run over the course of 10 days, anchored by a daily email and two mini-challenges. I’m a big believer in leading with intuition, so I like providing customizable options and encouraging people to check in and see what feels good. The ultimate goal is to bring some awareness to this aspect of our lives and hopefully create more space to rest and create this summer.

// What’s your everyday self-care practice?

On a daily basis, my first aim is to simply get enough sleep. When I have the opportunity to do something more, I like to go to yoga class in the evenings, snuggle up in bed and read, or brew chamomile tea after dinner.

// If you only have a brief window to recharge, what do you do?

Drinking tea is my usual ritual because it’s an opportunity to put my feet up for a few minutes, with my hands around a hot ceramic mug.

// What’s your favorite day-off ritual?

It’s a tie between getting a pedicure and going to a coffee shop to write, uninterrupted. When I take a day off, I also like to start my morning at the ocean when I can. Just sitting in front of the water for a few minutes is soothing to my soul.

// Who inspires you to slow down and take care?

I’ve been embracing a slower pace for the past few years, but after having my son in 2015, I realized it’s importance even more. Of course, now I have less time for myself than I used to, but it makes those self-care practices all the more special and enjoyable. Kids live in the moment, so spending time with him always reminds me to stay present.

Nicole Gulotta is a writer, editor, and tea drinker. She’s the author of Eat This Poem: A Literary Feast of Recipes Inspired by Poetry, and pens a blog by the same name. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, and French bulldog.

Self-Care Strategies is a new series that offers simple ideas we can incorporate into our daily routines to bring a little bit of balance and nourishment back into our lives.

PS: Did you hear the exciting announcement about the Food Styling + Photography Workshop that I’m co-teaching with Bella of ful-filled July 14th-16th in San Francisco? Early Bird special is available now!



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  • Juls - I will be an avid reader of your self-care strategies as my intention is to use this summer as a season to reflect on myself my work routine.
    I already signed up for Nicole’s Social Media Cleanse. It will be the first step!ReplyCancel

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