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Over the past couple months, I have been traveling back and forth between San Francisco and Portland just about every other week for work. Being in California feels like hanging out with an ex-boyfriend whom I’m still kinda in love with, which is to say, it brings up a lot of complex emotions. Traveling for […]


  • Amber - These muffins look SO GOOD!! Thanks so much for sharing them! I love that they’re dairy and gluten free – can’t wait to give this recipe a try!!
    xxxo -Amber

  • Caroline - These are genius! Being vegetarian, I’m always trying to add more pulses to my diet. I’m so loving the idea of a savory muffin and love the way you incorporate the split peas.ReplyCancel

  • Thalia - I have actually never tried a savoury muffin either, which is crazy now that I think about it. Gorgeous images too, I can just image how good these muffins taste! XxReplyCancel

  • Christiann Koepke - Oh yum!!! I certainly don’t make enough savory muffins or baked goods for that matter!! Definitely need to try this out asap -CKReplyCancel

  • Kim - How tasty does this recipe look! Definitely going to make this for breakfast for the rest of the week! Thanks for the share, what a great healthy recipe to try.ReplyCancel

  • Todd Wagner | HonestlyYUM - Yes, how lovely do these look! Savory muffins are my spirit animal!!!

    Oh, and hooray for us long-drive lovers ;)ReplyCancel

  • Sarah @ Snixy Kitchen - I’m so enamored with savory muffins also and I especially love love love the use of lentils here and the spice combo. I think I need these to break up my breakfast routine. (Also you’re welcome to drive down here to visit me and Alanna ANYTIME, K?? :)ReplyCancel

  • Rachel - This recipe looks so delicious! Will have to try this one out sometime this week. Great on-the-go breakfast treat!ReplyCancel

  • Agness of Run Agness Run - This is one hell of a recipe! I cannot wait to start the day with these muffins. Can I use fresh instead of dried ginger?ReplyCancel

  • Freya - Looks really nice! Now I’ve decided to try gluten-free diet and I’m looking for some nice recipies and definitely going to try this one :)ReplyCancel

Have you ever cooked during a power outage? That’s how this meal came together. At first I thought that the entire dish could be made easily without electricity, and then I had a brief panic remembering that the pesto needed a machine. But wait. Pesto does’t need a food processor. I recalled the old world […]


  • Taste of France - I made something similar recently, but with parsley instead of pesto. Yummy!
    Your point about electricity is interesting. We don’t really need all the gadgets. To me, they are more of a pain to clean than a help in cooking, so I do most things by hand. I just got a French cookbook from 1929 and it’s so interesting to see how the recipes involve no gadgets whatsoever. Not even refrigeration (I made a piecrust and it was to rest in a “cool” place. Turned out great).ReplyCancel

  • Jenn - I love zoodles! Can’t wait to try this.ReplyCancel

  • Sany - How did they make pesto? I’m curious.ReplyCancel

  • Christiann Koepke - This looks so good!! Love this combo and you’re getting me inspired to do even more with chickpeas !! xReplyCancel

  • Sarah @ Snixy Kitchen - Wow – I’m super impressed that you made this in a power outage! We had our electricity off for a few hours and I panicked that I’d starve (Spoiler: I didn’t).

    I’m also really resonating with the presence and needing to cut loose from social media to find more of it. I realized this weekend while we were in the cabin in the woods with slow service, just how reliant I am on social media for entertainment. Time for a cleanse. <3ReplyCancel

  • Jenny - Looks delish. Can’t wait to make this.ReplyCancel

  • Arminda Lucena - I really liked the recipe tips.ReplyCancel

Ten years ago, I hated following recipes. I prided myself on my intuitive abilities in the kitchen, but they were pretty limited: veggie-filled pastas, semi-okay soups, stir fries. But I loved to cook, and I loved to eat with my friends. I was a little burned out on the uber-conceptual, precision to-the-1/64th of-an-inch focus of […]


  • thefolia - Beautiful cake…I just made an almond cake too for a worthy celebration…congratulations and happy feasting!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley @ The Naked Food Life - For a long time I felt like I had to pursue a restaurant (or other commericial environment) to validate my culinary degree and kitchen skills. But I have only ever enjoyed cooking in my own kitchen so blogging and recipe development has brought me so much more joy than any traditional job! I love this cake and would love to get my hands on your stunning cookbook!ReplyCancel

  • Limner - “Home cooking is sometimes relegated to a second-class status, perhaps because it is the domain of women . . .” I’m shocked. The same men who have taken over cooking on tv and in restaurants had to have started cooking at home, don’t you think? It annoys me to no end the way women, the first cooks/chefs have been relegated to non-cook status. We are the first food-givers. We didn’t come with breasts for nothing. :)

    Men pushed midwives from birthing rooms and put us flat on our backs to push out a small human. We cannot let them push us out of our kitchens too. And no, there’s nothing wrong with men cooking. They have every right to cook alongside women. ;) Perhaps they need to go back to hunting/foraging, and bringing home the wild asparagus, wild ramps, mushrooms, etc.. :D

    Those strawberries look normal, but the blackberries are giants. My favorite cake is Berry Chantilly. The berries are scary. I loved wild strawberries from my grand’s pasture. They were tiny and so sweet.

    This looks delicious but I’ve never used rice or almond flour, so am not likely to bake this. I’d buy it from a bakery or order it in a restaurant though. Your photographs are arresting; I’ll read entire recipes knowing full well I’m not going to cook or bake it. Sometimes looking and imagining is good enough.ReplyCancel

  • Jessi - Wow, this cake looks amazing in those beautiful pictures!!! Such a colorful and healthy ingredients!!! Congratulations:)ReplyCancel

  • Megan Codington - HI, I just wanted to say how lovely this post is! I Love the colors and the feel and the lighting. You really nailed it by creating the desire to taste this! Well done!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - Happy blogiversery, Kimberly! I loved reading your story and I think your photography is absolutely stunning.ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa - I am so excited I came across this recipe! I was just thinking that I needed to do something with the almond cake and asparagus I just bought and I found this.ReplyCancel