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Coq Au Vin, Who Knew?

Coq Au Vin

Winter is pretty much declared OVER in California by Feb. 1, so we really must pretend it’s cold outside while we can.

My roommate Colleen, author of the above, is not exactly sold on our milder iteration of winter, being an east coast transplant.

But! We are in the midst of a series of storms blowing south on a stream from the Alaskan tundra, bringing with them conditions that are perfect for Coq Au Vin. We did not have an old rooster on hand. But that didn’t impede the perfectly wintry qualities of browned, slow-cooked chicken sunk deep into a rich, velvety red wine sauce and doused liberally with butter and onions. It felt like the holidays all over again.

She followed this recipe from The Amateur Gourmet. I am not even going to repost it here – it is so incredibly, perfectly detailed right there at the source.

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