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Skirt Steak with Chimichurri
(Above: Skirt Steak with Chimmichurri)

I’ve started a new collaboration with the good people at Rewinery, an innovative San Francisco-based wine delivery company. They’re doing great things, and it’s awesome to be a part of it. Every month, they select a number of wines and I create original recipes to pair with their wines, and then I photograph all of it. Red wine, of course, is easily matched with meat dishes. I look forward to the challenge of creating awesome vegetable-based dishes to match with red wines – a slightly overlooked arena in food and wine partnerships. For now, vegetarians will have to get creative with these marinades – I’m pretty certain that they’ll be fantastic on tofu as well (or salmon, for the pescatarians). While three of these meaty dishes weren’t prepared on the grill, they will no doubt translate beautifully. Especially the skirt steak and the pork sliders – they were made for the smoky heat of the barbecue.

San Francisco!: Rewinery is offering a $10 discount if you use the code GRILLWITHWINE with a purchase of wine in the next two weeks. Get on it, my lovely San Franciscans!

And PS: Happy Summer! Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend.

Thai Barbecued Chicken

Thai Barbecued Chicken at Etsy. Perfect with the Coconut Rice Salad!

Five Spice Pork Sliders

Above: Five Spice Pork Sliders

Tandoori Chicken

Above: Tandoori Chicken

  • Rachel - I would love to eat the whole lot right now!!!ReplyCancel

  • kale - Which of their wines do you recommend for the Skirt Steak with Chimmichurri? (It looks fantastic!)ReplyCancel

  • kale - Never mind…I JUST realized clicking on the links bring you to the pairings! dum dee dum…ReplyCancel

  • Louisa - Sounds interesting Kimberley, looking forward to checking out more of your matches!ReplyCancel

  • sarah - Mmm. That steak looks incredible. And I’m excited about this collaboration, because I know nothing about wine pairings! I’m happy to learn from you. And since we are trying to eat very little meat, I can’t wait to see what vegetable-based dishes you come up with!ReplyCancel

  • Sasha - I am a total sucker for barbeque and will have to try the Skirt Steak with Chimmichurri.

    I am also looking forward to your wine pairings with vegetarian meals. Wines and veggies are certainly an overlooked match and I am excited to see what you’ll come up with.ReplyCancel

  • Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen - I dunno what happens but once the weather warms up all I want is steak. That chimichurri sauce looks amazing. NEED.ReplyCancel

  • Diana - Congrats on the collaboration! I’m looking forward to seeing the veg dishes that you’ll create to go with wines; it’s so true they often get overlooked when it comes to pairings.ReplyCancel

  • meatballs & milkshakes - Love the skirt steak pictures! Our favorite cut right now is hanger steak, we rarely find it in the store but have to pick it up when it’s there!ReplyCancel

  • Rifky - We so enjoyed last nigths’ Crushpad dinner! The Ivy Wild selections were delicious and so were all the wines you had for us to try! For our glass of wine, four of us chose 4 different wines and then chose the syrah for dinner! Excellent! The music was soft and nice for dinner conversations, but the real entertainment was watching Maria and her helicopter service to you and the cherries! That was amazing to watch. We used helicopters for our Christmas tree harvest years ago and the name of the game for that was speed! For cherry tree operations, it is just the opposite! Do hope that worked for you last night! Thank you for a great evening, and we look forward to joining you again for another Crushpad dinner event!ReplyCancel

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