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Hello gang! This feels like the best dose of inspiration for a Monday. A thoughtful, uplifting interview with the amazing Lisa Congdon! I spent some time with her in her home studio and painting studio on a rainyish spring day last year, and I am so happy to finally have the images and her interview ready.

“The actual process of making art has never lost its magic for me. In fact, as my skills have grown over the years (which took awhile because I am self-taught), my excitement about making art has only intensified. The days I get to go to my painting studio and paint are the days I wake up the most excited.”

“…. Yes, the world of art and design is very male dominated, very white male dominated — at least those are the folks getting the platforms. But that is changing, slowly. And galleries and press and museums and conferences are all more focused now than ever on highlighting not only women, but queer women and women of color in the field. I feel like we are in the midst of something really exciting, not just in the art,¬†illustration and design worlds, but in the world in general. ”

Follow the link for the complete photo essay along with Lisa’s interview.

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