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In a National Geographic years ago, there was a small piece with one image, from a photographer who challenged himself to capture just one frame per day. It was deep in winter, somewhere snowy, before digital photography. It was rooted in making a deliberate choice about what would be captured. I have been thinking about […]


  • William Fahey - Wow really nice and good capture for the winter season. It is getting some of feels for everyone to taste it. Most of the person like to buy this from restaurant. In your post is getting good capturing practice and landscape intimation. The photography is getting for this blog. The capturing details are getting accurate and right moment also. The deep thinking and good works also available for this butternut squash. Thanks for sharing this photos hereReplyCancel

  • Stacy - I read your post this morning and left the tab open to comment, but you beat me to it over on my blog! We must have been reading each other’s posts at the same time (:

    Beautiful reflections here. I love that you found a way to revive that feeling of limitation in your art without a full rejection of the resources we have now – a tricky balance, to be sure!

    And I’m also really glad for the comment about your last name, because I think of you every time I see the word “hasselback.” xoxoReplyCancel

  • culinary school - Thank you so much for this recipe, I didn’t expect that you can cook something so original and tasty at the same time. I’m really very happy, thank you very much!ReplyCancel

  • karl young - I had no idea that we can have a deliciously made recipe. I would love to taste every bite of it.ReplyCancel

  • PachaPEACE - SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Never thought butternut squash could be THIS pretty! & looks YUMMY! Thank YOU so MUCH for sharing the recipe! Can’t wait to try it!ReplyCancel

  • lalina franklin - i am making this for dinner tonight! i will make a london broil to go with it and a pineapple ice for desert!
    i have not looked at the recipe, just the picture and that is what is inspiring me! what i will do is grind any and all herbs and spices used and sprinkle in between the slices. also as i like the skin, i will not be peeling it.
    thank you for the lovely photo and the inspiration i am getting from it.ReplyCancel

  • Areesha Zahid - I love your blog! especially around the holidays and was sad to feel that the cultural context of this dish was just kind of swept under the rug.

  • Corrie Cooks - This recipe is really very unique and seemed delightful to me. The picture is highly tempting increasing the desire to have it. I think, there should be some kind of special dip to be served with it. Which dip will you suggest? Can it be stored in refrigerator for a day?ReplyCancel

  • Anupama Chopra - Looks Awesome. Thanks for sharing such a delicious recipe.ReplyCancel

  • Pat Abbaticchio - That’s looks so delicious! Can we do such recipes with potatoes?ReplyCancel

  • Sam Roberts - Thank you so much for this recipe, I didn’t expect that you can cook something so original and tasty at the same time. I’m really very happy, thank you very much!ReplyCancel

  • Michael@DiligentChef - Definitely adding this to my meatless meal rotation. The hubby and I loved this, and the kids liked.
    Thanks for sharing. Pinning!ReplyCancel

(This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Italian Trade Commission / The Extraordinary Italian Taste.  All opinions are 100% mine.) I don’t spend as much time cooking as I used to. There is simply more work, longer to-do lists, less unstructured time to fill with leisurely activities. But I realized recently […]


  • Sarah - This is so helpful! And your photos are gorgeous, as usual. xxReplyCancel

  • Sara @ Cake Over Steak - This totally IS a dreamy cheese board. I really need to do a spread like this more often when I have people over.ReplyCancel

  • Sonja Overhiser - What a gorgeous looking cheese board! The Italian theme is absolutely up our alley :)ReplyCancel

  • Robert Milon - This fruit is the good food in the world of MAKE A DREAMY ITALIAN-INSPIRED CHEESE BOARD.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - I have been looking for inspo for a fall cheeseboard! So thankful for this post, your breakdown of the different components is beautiful! Xoxo!ReplyCancel

  • olivia - OH it love the chessboard. it’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to do this when I have friends over as well. thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

Drifters Fish & I created our dream workshop, and we are so excited to announce it! SALT & SMOKE: A Food Photography Workshop Celebrating the Pacific Northwest Harvest. With very special guests Ashley Rodriguez and Demetria Provatas! You can find tickets for this event HERE!  Do you have questions? Email Kimberley: hello [at] Join […]


  • Walt - This looks like a fantastic event!I’ll try to be in the Seattle area so I can attend.

  • Clarissa - Hi,
    I am interested in your upcoming event. Could you send more info and cost of the workshop?

  • Suzanne - Stunning photos, it looks like a great experience! That salmon is making me drool, so thank you for that :)ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Tucker - stunning photos. i cannot find tickets online anywhere. is the event sold out. please advise! thanks – jtReplyCancel

  • Peter B Stafford - Kimberly, when I was a senior in high school my parents took me to Anacortes to visit relatives and a place my father had fond memories of. We were treated to salmon cooked on wood planks next to an outdoor fire — fantastic! Loved the pictures of the area. BTW, that trip was in 1959.ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Mahan - Photos look great. I’m impressed! That’s an awesome job.ReplyCancel